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Chakra — Cool happy aware kind resiliant amazing

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Auteur Ædith Empress
bookazine | 20 pages |

Understandable, concise, happy and balancing!

Chakra Inkijkexemplaar

Open this booklet and your chakras will dance!


By working with your chakras you can control, improve, reduce or change certain things in your life. With the sole purpose: that you are a Cool, Happy, Aware, Kind, Resilliant and Amazing human being. That you are in balance, that you live a great life, that you are happy and that you always feel fit and full of energy.

Chakras are like knobs that you can turn. In this book you will learn how!


The Nicest, smartest and simplest chakra book ever. 


With this bookazine you will not only learn about the chakras. By looking at the pages, letting the words work on you and seeing the colors in front of you, you open up your chakras nicely. It's wonderful to take such a color bath every now and then!


- both for children and adults

- easy to take with you

- water resistant

- ideal for class, in a therapy or coaching setting, or to do with your child


Understandable, consice, happy and balancing! 


Conceived, written and designed by Aedith Hagenaar, who learned to work with chakras as a teenager and has benefited greatly from it. In this book she shares her wisdom in a simple, compact, clear, practical and enchanting way! Twenty inspiring pages, fully executed in full color.


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