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Yuletide Journal — workbook for the mystical weeks of midwinter

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Auteur Ædith Empress
workbook - english | 62 pages |

Workbook for "Secrets of the Yuletide Nights"

Yuletide Journal Inkijkexemplaar

With the exercises, introspection and rituals in this journal/workbook you receive the tools to invite and use the enchantment of Yuletide in your own life.

This journal gives you a powerful energetic framework to close off the old, and shape the new year. You create an energetic grid, and every practice and every ritual adds pure, intentional energy to it.

Each Yule night builds on the previous one, allowing you to charge your personal blueprint for the coming year.

The Yuletide Journal offers you a beautiful process of transformation during the mystical weeks of midwinter.




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