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The Sigil Secret — using magic symbols to protect, heal and create

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Auteur Mark Vincent
hardcover engels | 128 pagina's |

Learn how to create sigils to protect, heal and create.

The Sigil Secret Inkijkexemplaar

Sigils have been used to magically protect, heal and create since the dawn of humanity.
The art of making these magical symbols was almost lost... but this book breathes new life into that ancient spiritual craft.

Learn how to create sigils to protect, heal and create.

Sigil expert and clinical hypnotherapist Mark Vincent draws on his extensive knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and therapeutic approaches and combines them in this book with his personal experiences in the world of magic. He developed a unique method, the Protocol of Intent, to ensure your sigils generate the desired result.
Unleash your magic creativity!


  • Free Protocol of Intent worksheet
  • Personal Values worksheet
  • Essential Intents e-book
  • Magic Numbers e-book


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