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Affirmations for Higher Relationship Vibrations

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Auteur Ædith Empress
booklet | approx 105 x 144 mm | 27 pages

The key to loving and harmoneous relationships

Affirmations for Higher Relationship Vibrations Inkijkexemplaar

Most People crave to experience living in harmony with their partner, their children, their parents, with everyone they meet in their life. The only thing holding them back and causing unwanted situations are the beliefs in their head. Working with affirmations is healing, especially if you apply them to the repaltionships in your life. With the affirmations in this booklet you hold the key to transforming the relationships in your life into your greatest source of happiness. Start replacing your negative beliefs now, and allow yourself a life full of love,   and happiness. 

"Just reading the affirmations brought me so much insight and lifted my vibration. Superb wisdom."

As if I suddenly have a coach in my head who intervenes before a situition escalates. 

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