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Soul Mission — The secret code in your horoscope that leads you to a fulfilling and rewarding life

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Auteur The Astrology Empress
hardcover | 128 pages in full color |
Engels | English version

Live your Soul Mission - Discover your life's purpose - attain your true desire - find fulfillment

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Point of Longing

Discover what is blocking your Soul Mission, and transform it


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There is a secret, hidden part in your horoscope that can only be deciphered with the help of a code. It is one of the most important spots in your chart, because it points to one of the most essential elements in your life: your soul’s mission — what your soul wants to contribute to the world. With this book you’ve got the code to find, understand and live your Soul Mission.



‘It's spot on, and exactly what I'm reflecting on right now. You wrote exactly what I'm thinking about, how bizarre! Thank you for confirming that I'm on the right path.’


Simple step-by-step plan, anyone can do it!

‘Oh wow! This is so true! I am very much looking for meaning: who am I, what truly makes me happy and why was I put on this earth? This is book is super valuable.’


  • The field of your Soul Mission
  • The energy of your Soul Mission
  • The aides to your Soul Mission
  • The timing of your Soul Mission

‘The Astrology Empress really hits the nail on the head.’

  • Hardcover
  • In full color and with clear explanations
  • 128 pages
  • with free worksheets and explanatory video to analyse and understand your Soul's Mission (and those of your family members!) (download)
  • Extra: free ebook helping others live their Soul Mission
  • Plus: affirmations to enhance your Soul Mission (audio download) 

‘A surprisingly complete model for living your Soul Mission.’

PLEASE NOTE: to work with the material in this book, having your birth time is recommended. 

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